Debbie's Child Care and Preschool

Parent Testimonials

Our daughter was about 7 months old when we first sent her to day care. The first day care we sent our daughter to for about a month turned out to be very bad.  When we found Debbie on the internet and visited, we knew she was much different from the first. One very good sign was that the kids wanted to be held by Debbie, which we had never seen at the previous day care.

There was another home day care we were considering at the time but decided to go with Debbie because she seemed to be very sweet to the kids and able to discipline well when needed.  And we were right. After only one week, we felt certain we didn't have to worry about our daughter at all and were happy to know she was in good, safe hands. 

Our daughter stayed at Debbie's for about 2.5 years. Debbie and her assistants, also very loving and caring, took good care of our daughter. Our daughter is now in preschool but still wishes to visit Debbie's once in a while because she has so many good memories and met many good friends there. 

We feel blessed to have found Debbie. Thank you Debbie and all! 

Bill and Yunsuk

My entire family has felt at home at Debbie's Child Care from our very first visit.  Debbie and her staff are very warm, very giving, very loving caregivers.  It's clear that they enjoy being with children! We know they are genuinely interested and invested in our kids well-being and growth and have their best interests at heart.  In fact, when something is bothering either one of my girls, its Debbie who gets to the bottom of it and who helps us as a family to figure out a solution.

    Kids don't come whith manuals.  Debbie has been an invaluable resourse as we've figuyred out how to parent to the best level that we can.

    Personally, I think the most telling things that I can say about Debbie's Child Care is that my girls like to visit and play on their days off; that they think of Debbie's son Timmy as their older brother, that all playgrounds should be held in comparison to Debbie's big backyard; and that when we hold family birthday parties that Debbie, Timmy and Rich must ALWAYS be invited.  We feel very lucky that Debbie is in our lives and that she has had such a formative part of our girls lives and ours.  Thank you Debbie.


Trish Wesley Umbrell, Mike Umbrell, parents of Roz and Rita

The only difficult thing about Debbie's is getting my son to give me a kiss and hug goodbye in the morning and getting him to come with me in the evening.  The kids have such a great time at Debbie's, and they learn a lot too - especially social skills.

Debbie is a great resource for all things "kids".  She is always willing to work with us and our kids on the many challenges of being a toddler, reinforcing things we teach at home and adapting to our kids need.

She and her staff are wnderful!

Ben and Tara Smith

Hi, my name is Debbie too!  Four years ago my granddaughters came to live with me.   Rachel was only two, she needed a day care with lots of love.  We were lucky enough to have found Debbie's/

Debbie worked with us and the transition.  Rachel got lots of love, structure and fun.  We got piece of mind. 

Debbie's has a whole group of wonderful people working with her.  Everyone goes the extra mile and they all become like family and great friends.

Debbie M.


When I first went back to work after having my kids they were with my mother. When my work schedule demanded more and I needed to find day care I was in a panic - who could take care of my kids as well as my mom and I? Cameron was only 7 months old can Caroline was 4 when they started with Debbie. I was so nervous about how they would do but they love it like a second home. They have made friends that have lasted 5 years - an eternity to kids - and so have my husband and I. Debbie is amazing. She is able to get my kids to clean up, cooperate, nap and try new foods in ways that astound me! After 5 years my son has graduated and will be off to Kindergarten but we will still be visiting Debbie and her staff regularly - they have become like members of our extended family.
Colleen & Martyn McCretton